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2 years ago


I have been thinking of this subject for a while and finally I Can say it with finality that you get exactly what you go in for.. still this doesnot make sense but lets put it this way,: you want a new ride and you know that you can hardly get it now which is due to comparison of the what you currently have and what you actually  intend to have. that's the money at hand compared to the target looks different entity. so what do you do ?

The best way out towards getting the best for you is appreciating the small steps that takes you towards the best for you. And this steps are:

1. get what is next to the best before you get thhe real best.

2.appreciate that you have got the next to the best and still aim for the best.

3.get in mind that you are the best at any number you currently in and struggle not in making sure you apppear number one because that mentality hurts.

lastly.. in wherever you are , whoever you are , whatever you are .. know that you are the best.

yours truly

Tony  Bigmile( kenyan rnb artiste).. PEACE.